Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's just quiet out west

I haven' t posted in a while since I have not found anything worthwhile to discuss. There was the OFC last week, which got Cramer's blood pumping and so did all the optics stocks. Even the ones that have nothing to do with enterprise strength seen by FNSR. What does AVNX has that is similar to FNSR product portfolio is beyond me and I have been covering optics before optics were hot (literally). Beyond being run up with the momentum crowd these optics names have nothing in common. FNSR will host its first analyst day tomorrow and hopefully straight talking Jerry could shed some light on where his ship is headed after winning over CSCO.

This week also have the VON conference in town (San Jose to be exact). If results from SONS are any indication we should continue to see solid momentum in VoIP, especially in international regions. After all our Bells are too busy monopolizing our spending. The visibility has clearly improved for SONS but fierece competition remains leading to continued investment in R&D, which some fast money hedge fund did not like and was selling the stock today (or was it the nice run up before the earnings?). IF you thought comapnies investing in R&D was a good thing- well you oughta to stay out of the kitchen. We have one more VoIP name waiting to report its results: TKLC- that is if they can get their books in order. TKLC is in a different segment of the network and has concentrated exposure to few wireless carriers unlike SONS. So what is the common theme in my blabbering tonight you might ask? It is the fact that not all companies are created equal even if their description in Yahoo Finance profile sounds eerily similar. Do your homework before asking Cramer. Happy anniversary Jimbo! Booyah