Sunday, April 02, 2006

Money call from one of Wall St. Finest

RDWR lowered guidance on Sunday April 2nd but the stock was already down almost 13% on Friday March 31st. Call me naive, but you think maybe someone knew? The money call from one of Wall St. Finest Stanley Kovler was made on Friday; he published that he expects company to miss due to sales team transition in U.S, exactly the same reason given by RDWR in its press release. Was Stanley typing the press release for the company? Whatever his source was, he made a slam dunk call and his clients made (saved) money because of it.

RDWR is going through what we can call some "serious turbulence" in both products and sales team also RDWR is coming into crosshairs of more serious competitors. While RDWR refreshes its product offering the company is trying to bring in new sales team in the U.S. Not the best of times for smooth sailing for any company. This looks more like a company specific issues rather than weak geography. If I had to guess- there are few other companies in the networking industry that are in similar situation- names I am staying away from are EXTR and PKTR.


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