Tuesday, December 21, 2004

MERX plays the same tune as JBL & SLR

MERX is a speciality EMS supplier for high-end equipment which reported lower revs but in-line EPS and the guidance was lowered. Basically weak-end market demand hurt the revenue line whereas better mix of products manufactured helped gross margins. MERX was hurt by ERICY moving business to other suppliers and lower. Premium revenues picked up as customers order with shorter lead times, meaning customers are only producing boxes if they are certain those boxes can be sold to end customers. Overall the confidence in end markets is still low.

Overall book to bill was 0.88 but it was better in last 3 weeks of December (1.1) especially for telecom and networking(CSCO, JNPR, NT) similar to what JBL and SLR suggested regarding that particular end market.


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