Wednesday, June 29, 2005

COMS results: nothing extraordinary

COMS reported earnings that were basically in-line with expectations. Guidance for next quarter is also in-line. The strongest growth came from VoIP (recently won Edward Jones) that grew 30% sequentially, and COMS said it won most of the business from AV and CSCO. VoIP is hot, but winning this Edward Jones deal took COMS 2 years, 2 years! is a very long sales cycle and pricing on this stuff can move down very dramatically within that time frame. VoIP is even going to be driving revenue growth for these companies but profitability seems shaky. COMS just like CSCO will sell networking equipment (switches and routers) to make VoIP happen and other than this enterprises aren't upgrading their networks so atleast we get some good out of this transition. Layer 2 switches are under intense pricing pressure and anything that can make enterprises upgrade the core Layer 3 switches will help with margins.

COMS said Americas business is solid not robust, what does that really mean? Beats me. COMS said linearity was actually good which is a positive in my opinion. Do not extrapolate that too far since COMS said that last quarter also and we had 3 networking vendors: ETS, EXTR and FDRY blow up right after. I don't things are that bad this time around but take it with a grain of salt. Overall I think it bodes well for CSCO since SMB and Enterprise businesses in the Americas are continuing to spend, how Europe pans out is anyone's guess.


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